The Siegener-Beatles-Stammtisch - short information

by Harold Krämer / translated by Markus den Boer / corrected by Oliver Niewerth. Special thanks to Jay Donnelly

Yes, Siegen is the place where Paul McCartney presented his paintings for the first time.....

The Siegener-Beatles-Stammtisch is a meeting of Beatles-fans, which takes place nearly every  8 weeks. Harold Krämer got the first invitation to the 1. Siegener Beatles-Stammtisch on the 20th of April 2001 . Michael Neuser, one of the biggest Beatles-fans in Siegen/Germany had the idea for this meeting and he asked Harold if he would take part in organizing this event.

The two friends wanted to share the common passion for the Beatles with other fans. Of course Harold  said that he would take part in organizing these meetings. Then, on Friday the 4th of May 2001  the day had come. Nearly 20 Beatles-fans met each other for the first time at the pub  „Zur Alten Post“ ("The old post") in Siegen; Two of these people came all the way from Halle/Saale in East Germany. The 1. Stammtisch was a huge success. It was a feeling like „little-Liverpool“ said a visitor after the first meeting. The first evening had the motto „getting to know each other“ and the following meetings all had a special subject.

Neither Michael Neuser nor Harold Krämer couldn´t foresee that the Beatles-Stammtisch would have its 10th meeting on the 14th of February 2003 - so to speak a little anniversary for the Siegener Beatles-Stammtisch.

Both of them had some mixed feelings as they initiated the Stammtisch. They wondered whether there were enough people who were interested in the Beatles. Today we can give a clear and loud answer to this question: "YES!".

The Siegener group had so much success that there was founded another Stammtisch in Emden, a city on Germany´s northern coast.

On every Stammtisch-evening there were about 20 Beatles-fans (and some people who would like to be..) in the pub „Zur Alten Post“ in Siegen/Germany. At the 9th Stammtisch in Dezember 2002 the location was  completely full. Over 30 people were in the small room.

Besides gathering to discuss our most loved subject  – The Beatles – , the Siegener Beatles-Stammtisch and „das kleinste Beatles Museum der Welt“ (the smallest Beatles museum in the world) do something for the suffering Lakota- (Sioux) Indians in the Pine Ridge Reservation in the US, not far from the Black Hills Of Dakota. Already we have donated about 900 EUR (~900 US$) to the German Lokota Fund  under the leading of   Christina Voormann, wife of Klaus Voormann. Further donations are very welcome.

In this short description of the Beatles-Stammtisch  there is one person who we don´t want to forget. His name is Markus den Boer, and he is the webmaster of the Internet-pages of the Beatles-Stammtisch Markus comes from Münster (West Germany) and he is a big Paul McCartney Fan. With enthusiasm, engagement and a lot of work he generated the internet page where our visitors find the perfect rooms for everything interesting around the Stammtisch in Siegen.

Michael Neuser, the  uncrowned king of  „Beatles-News“ also published all the latest informations about the Stammtisch on his Internet pages  

Anyone who want´s to take a look at the "kleinstes Beatles-Museum" (smallest Beatles museum) should take a look at

The highlight of the 1 1/2-year existence of the Stammtisch was defintely the „Magical-Mystery Tour“ to Liverpool from the 24th to the 28th of April 2002,  with one of the best Beatles-Coverbands here in germany;  „Lucy In The Sky“.

The  „1st Siegener Beatles-Day“ at the "Alte Poststraße" (Old post street) in Siegen on the 8th of June, 2002,  was also a highlight of the Stammtisch . The Stammtisch was presented with an information-kiosk, the Internet-pages were introduced and some Beatles films were shown. A perfect Beatles day ended in the evening with a concert by "Lucy In The Sky".

The Siegener Beatles-Stammtisch welcomes new member who  and invites everyone to join our group in our meetings which take place every 2 months.   




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